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Hello feminine star,


Welcome to my page!
I am Violetta and I come from Europe, the land of poetry, sensuality and literature. As I worked in more countries around the world, I became interested in how women in different parts of the world express their femininity in relationships.

I have been personally trained by Coach Rori Raye, but before I took her wonderful training, I applied and practiced her tools in my life.

And you know what? They work miracles!

One of the most important secret that I learned and I now truthfully apply even in my everyday life is the masculine and feminine energy balance in a love relationship. And I can tell you that discovering this secret saved my marriage.

Let me tell you something about me. I have been married to my husband for 10 years now and although he is a wonderful man, I believe that I never saw and appreciated him for who he really was to the point that I almost lost him.

And that happened because I was in my masculine energy all the time. I was planning, thinking, making small and big decisions, nagging and criticizing him and then complained that he was not stepping forward, do more, take more decisions and all that. I was miserable and unhappy with myself.

And then it hit me that I was „wearing the pants” in the relationship and I was even forcing him to wear „the skirt”. One night, I sat down with him and I told him:

„If we do not do something and restore the roles in our relationship, we are going to DIE as a couple”.

And we did commit to change the roles. It was a process that took few months, but with the wonderful tools I learned, I can now say that I have another marriage, the one I was actually secretly dreaming of. And you know why? Because I was the first to change while I did not ask him to change. I gave up control, I gave up the urge to plan and make decisions, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and express my feelings to him. I found out who I really was and I learned to embrace that person and be OK with that.

My husband now looks at me and asks:

„Who are you? Where have you come from? I like so much the way you have become.”

And even my friends and family tell me I have changed and dropped my security walls and defence mechanisms. I laugh more, I trust others more and more importantly I LOVE MYSELF MORE THAN EVER. And the miraculous thing that happens: I am less afraid of what is going on around me, of changes, of circumstances, of people and the future.

I feel so much power, joy and passion in my life now because I also discovered my real goal in life. I gave up a very demanding and rewarding job as a Marketing Director and I realized that helping other women learn the secrets that can transform their love life is the most rewarding thing in the world for me.

Because RELATIONSHIPS can be taught! They can be learned and applied in an honest and profound way. The only way THAT WORKS. I am not going to teach you to play games and do quick fixes to attract men in your life. If this is what you are looking for, then I am not the right person for you.

But if you want to start working on yourself, to discover and embrace your feminine star that is already inside you, find out who you really are and let your dream man see and fall in love with this person, then I WELCOME YOU.

I am going to take you through a wonderful journey of self-discovery. It is not going to be always easy, you may have to give up a lot of control and embrace a new way of thinking and behaving. But YOU can DO it, because I will only polish the diamond that dwells inside of you, nothing more.


Let your femininity shine,


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About Violetta

Hello Feminine Star,

My name is Violetta and I have discovered my dream to help women embrace their femininity and to attract the relationship they desire into their life

I have been personally trained by Coach Rori Raye, but before I took her training I had already applied her wonderful tools in my life.
You know what? They work miracles!

One of the most important secrets that I learned and use on a daily basis is the masculine and feminine energy balance in a love relationship. Discovering this secret completely saved my marriage.

If you want to discover and embrace the feminine star that is already inside you, to love who you really are and let your dream man see, and fall in love with you, then I welcome you.

I am going to guide you through a wonderful journey of self-discovery, only polishing the diamond that already dwells inside you, nothing more.

Shine on,