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Femininity Secrets That Create Instant Attraction

Femininity Secrets That Create Instant Attraction

One of the most important secrets, if not THE most important, is understanding and maintaining a constant balance between masculine and feminine energy in a relationship. Every woman is unconsciously facing the two energies: feminine and masculine. You are in your... read more
The SHOCKING Secret About Vulnerability!

The SHOCKING Secret About Vulnerability!

If you are like me, you probably thought and felt many times that being guarded and protected keeps you from suffering, especially in love relationships.
I used to be like that. I used to be the Queen of self-defence mechanisms. I could have had a successful business in selling these mechanisms to people.

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The Seven Secrets Of Femininity - What is feminine energy
- How being the Real You draws HIM in
- Your words can change it all

About Violetta

Hello Feminine Star,

My name is Violetta and I have discovered my dream to help women embrace their femininity and to attract the relationship they desire into their life

I have been personally trained by Coach Rori Raye, but before I took her training I had already applied her wonderful tools in my life.
You know what? They work miracles!

One of the most important secrets that I learned and use on a daily basis is the masculine and feminine energy balance in a love relationship. Discovering this secret completely saved my marriage.

If you want to discover and embrace the feminine star that is already inside you, to love who you really are and let your dream man see, and fall in love with you, then I welcome you.

I am going to guide you through a wonderful journey of self-discovery, only polishing the diamond that already dwells inside you, nothing more.

Shine on,