Embrace Your Femininity
Attract the Relationship You Desire!

One of the most important secrets, if not THE most important, is understanding and maintaining a constant balance between masculine and feminine energy in a relationship. Every woman is unconsciously facing the two energies: feminine and masculine. You are in your masculine energy when you rationalize, plan, do things, run a business or a team of people, or a house.

Feminine energy is all about being, feeling; it is what you see in the mirror of your soul when all the masks, barriers, social conventions are put aside. This is what your man should see every day. Or any man that you wish for yourself.

Men are always active in their masculine energy. After a hard day at work, when they meet their woman, they do not want to interact with another man disguised in skirt. They need to feel that they are connected to a woman that feels rather than decides, that knows how to receive and enjoy affection instead of constantly giving it.

Does this sound strange? Out of the box? Then, I am glad. If I made you curious and interested, I will also reveal bellow what are the secrets that will help you always to connect with your femininity and bring this powerful personality side of yours to surface.

You will see that by learning and applying these secrets, your relationship with your man will grow deeper and more intimate. If you are not yet in a relationship, this will help you attract the man you desire, a man that is good for YOU.

Secret #1: Be Open To Love!

We don’t find love only in the relationship with a partner, but in everything that surrounds us and makes us feel good. Smelling flowers, reading a book, drinking coffee in a sunny spring day, the smile of a child, all these are facets of love in our life. And these little interactions should build and open a positive attitude in us.

When you are open, positive and can see the good side in any situation, especially in a tensioned one, you will create a special atmosphere around yourself that men would like to experience often.

A positive, serene and feminine woman understands that she needs to always create a positive experience for her man in order to draw him close. She does not complain about petty things like the weather, the restaurant to go or what shoes to wear at the party. She already knows that this behavior is pushing men away. They do not learn through scolding or nagging.

Secret # 2: Do NOT Control! Let Things Flow!

I cannot highlight enough how damaging control is in a relationship. The need to control our partner, check on him or his phone, Facebook status or where he goes always comes from our own insecurity. We do not control our partner because we are afraid of what he does, but because of how his actions will make us feel.
What we can control though is our own life, our own personal growth, our dreams and plans. And it is vital to control something else: our own emotions, stress and the lessons we have to learn.

It is key for a woman to show enough flexibility and spontaneity when it comes to interaction with a man. And she needs to learn to receive love and affection. This makes a man feel that he can make you happy. A mature man that is ready for a committed relationship feels very fulfilled when he can make his woman happy.

However, a man will always respect and love a woman who has principles, and boundaries, a woman who can clearly communicate what she likes or dislikes. You do not want to be a doormat and seek for his approval in every aspect of your life. You want to be a confident woman, “cool” with whatever happens with her man. You should be a woman that enjoys life, have fun while knowing exactly who you are without being afraid to allow other to see that.

Secret #3: Always Have Options!

A woman is extremely feminine and attractive when she has interests, hobbies and friends that make her happy. You will be able to attract quality men like a magnet when your happiness does not depend on the words or actions of a man.

When you realize that you are responsible of your own happiness, that men will not feel forced to accommodate you in their live, they will feel drawn to do that.

Don’t forget that having a busy and interesting life, dreaming big and having specific goals for yourself attracted him to you in the first place. If ANY man, EVER, is asking you to give up your life for him, then there is only one thing you do: YOU GIVE UP HIM. Period!

Secret # 4: Do NOT Force a MAN!

I am sure that you know women (and maybe you are one of them) that do everything in a love relationship. They put a lot of effort and need to take small or big decisions because they think that men do not know what to do in a relationship. I strongly believe that men know how to do many things, only if we let them do and give them trust and benefit of a doubt.

This is a crucial secret for a happy and committed relationship: let your man decide what he wants to do and where he wants to go with the relationship. Do not force him to do what YOU want him to do. Regardless of the situation: the relationship, the route he needs to take to go somewhere, setting up vacation plans or anything.

If a man feels constantly criticized and belittled for everything he does, then he will resist you. He will not feel respected or accepted by you. However, most men will not openly admit this. He will grow cold and distant in order to avoid doing the things he does not want to do and eventually completely shut down and leave the relationship.

Secret # 5: Love Yourself First!

I know you hear this all the time: love yourself and it may sound like a cliché. But this time, I will not leave you with a phrase, I will explain you exactly what it is and how you can get to do this.

First of all, the way you talk and feel about yourself is going to be the way that other people, especially men, will feel around you. If you are constantly dissatisfied with yourself, you talk negatively about yourself, about your body, your looks or life in general this is how your man will perceive you. If you expect your man to offer you happiness and self-esteem, then he will not be attracted to you. He will see you as a needy and clingy woman, not as somebody he desires to have a relationship with.

Most of the times, women (and men equally) cannot accept and cherish other people’s love for them because they do not love themselves. Our upbringing, all the rules imposed by society, school, family or church put more pressure on us every day. Instead of paying attention to us, how we feel and what we want, we become victims to constant evaluations and comparisons to other people or some standards.
Secret # 6: Appreciate, Respect And Acknowledge The Man In Your Life!

Men are just hungry for respect and appreciation. Bottom line, all a man wants to do in a relationship is to make you happy and to feel that you know him and appreciate him for who he is. That you can see the hidden parts of himself, you know him deeply and love him exactly for who he is and not for somebody that you would like him to be.

For a man, the ideal woman is a woman who really enjoys his presence. And, unfortunately, you can never fake the true appreciation for him. It needs to be honest and obvious.

Women express their love through words and emotions, while men do this through actions. If he does anything for you, a tiny gesture, show him that you have noticed and appreciate what he’s done. The more specific the compliments and thank you words, the better.

When you appreciate your man exactly the way he is, without a hidden agenda, he will completely fall in love with you.

Secret # 7: Express Your True Feelings And Avoid Drama!

Most women are emotional. Emotion is usually associated with women. Naturally and instinctively, women are able to feel more profoundly and deeply than a man. We love with passion and commitment. We can easily empathize. We take care of other people, we laugh, we cry with an impressive speed compared to a man. And men just LOVE this is us.

But, what makes the difference most of the times is how we express these emotions. Extreme ways are unfortunately the guarantee to chase a man away from us. A woman who is always expressing herself in a dramatic way will be perceived as exaggerated, over emotional, unbalanced and almost always dissatisfied. On the contrary, women who always stuff down their emotions will be seen as cold, distant and official. When we deal with love relationship, we don’t want any of these two.

Emotions are good, they are defining us as women. The way we express them makes all the difference.

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