Embrace Your Femininity
Attract the Relationship You Desire!


This year, I gave the most beautiful present to myself: Self-Love And Appreciation.

And I started to see things differently.

Try this:

1.Look at your year, and reverse every single “bad” opinion you have of everything that has happened, everything you felt, everything you did.

For me – instead of looking at all the things I wanted instinctively, and through habit, to “run down myself” – I thought this:

>>I have actually done more, learned more than ever and plan to do even bigger things next year.

2. And as I was thinking about all these things – the thoughts and the feelings (both “good feeling” and “bad feeling”) –

>> I looked at the Christmas tree and saw all the adornments as feelings!

>> I put a “just a feeling name” on each of them and built my own inner Christmas Tree.

3. I looked at the Tree and… I liked it!


>> Because it was mine, just the way it was.


How does your Inner Christmas Tree look like?

Whatever you are hanging on it should be the real feelings in you.

Build the Tree with everything you have done and felt this year. Look at it and admire it, just the way it looks.

Lay some gift boxes on the floor, next to the Tree.

These should be your goals and dreams for 2015.


May they ALL come true!