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How to express your feeling to avoid the drama

Express Your Feelings And Avoid Drama In Relationships!

Being emotional is a feature highly associated with women, and many women truly are very melodramatic. Naturally, instinctively, women feel much more profoundly than men. We love with passion and commitment, and we can easily empathize with others. We truly enjoy taking care of everyone, and we laugh and cry much more frequently as compared to men. Men LOVE that feature in us!

What makes the difference is how we express these emotions.

Unfortunately, extremes on the emotional scale are guaranteed to push a man away from us. A woman who always expresses herself in the most dramatic way will be perceived as exaggerated, over-emotional, out of balance, and extremely dissatisfied at all times.

Still, women who always hide away their emotions will find this behavior equally dangerous; they will be seen as cold, distant, and over-official. When dealing with a romantic relationship, we don’t want to lean on either of these two extremes.

Emotions are good; they define us as women – but it is the way we express these emotions that matter.

Imagine – you’re walking through the woods with your lover on a wonderful evening. You walk and talk and just try to enjoy the time together, but eventually you become lost. It grows darker and colder. How could you express your discomfort to him? Typically, women respond in two very different ways to this situation.

  1.   The first can be very emotional and dramatic, the woman pointing fingers and slinging accusations:
  • Oh, look where you’ve gotten me! It’s dark and cold and I have no idea where I am. I thought we were having a special evening, and now it’s ruined! This is all your fault.”

... or something fairly similar.

  1.   The second way is when you obviously do not feel comfortable, but you do not want to appear weak or afraid and you stuff down your true feelings. He can tell you aren’t okay, leading him to ask:
  •  “What’s wrong?”
  •  “Oh, nothing. I’m OK…”

How does the man react in these two situations?

In the first situation, he is going to feel guilty that you’re both lost. In his mind, he might already think that you should decide on the places to go out to from then on.

In the second situation, he can feel your distressed vibes and can tell that something is wrong, but because you declined to share your feelings and admit that it’s not okay, he will simply trust your words and carry on while your frustrations continue to build.

  1.  The Real Way To Express Feelings:

Now, let’s look at another way in which you can clearly communicate your feelings without pointing fingers, criticizing, or even nagging your man.

Let’s try something like this:

– “I really enjoy walking with you, but now I feel lost and cold. I am uncomfortable. What do you think we should do?”

In this way of communicating, we touch on very important issues:

  • We communicated exactly how we felt
  • We did not judge or accuse anyone
  • We asked our man to think of a solution, which is something men are fond of.

Now, I hope this little exercise helped you see how you can communicate with impact. This is a proven way to become closer to your man and create a committed relationship where your man sees you as a life partner, not simply a friend or affair.


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