Embrace Your Femininity
Attract the Relationship You Desire!

how to win in relationships

People talk about relationships a lot these days. We are constantly shown that men want immediate satisfaction with no strings attached and no commitment involved. The idea of a committed relationship appears to be a threat and an attack to their freedom and independence.

Although women seem to have no problem in appearing available to men, they avoid to be open and unguarded before them because they feel they would lose control. Femininity is seen as vulnerability.

Men and women, equally, fight for control in relationships, like they are fighting for the same leading role. But there is little said about the difference between a man and a woman that sparks diversity, intimacy and deep connection.

Women have become very competitive and extremely competent in business or life in general to such and extent that they simply forget to switch roles when they meet their lovers. They stay in the masculine energy of doing, thinking and over functioning and forget to be soft, open and warm to their partner.

And when women do this, they create an inner conflict that is so visible on the outside. Men are pushed away by any aggressive masculine energy coming from a woman and tend to do less for the relationship.

Control and masculine energy in a woman are blocking true love and a chance to real intimacy and commitment.

What Happens When We Operate in The Masculine Energy Mode?

  • We want to control the relationship but then we complain that our man acts distant and fades away from us
  • We want to be dominated by our man, but we fight for every inch of the territory we feel we lose before him
  • We constantly check his status and lose the connection to how we really feel in our body
  • We forget who we are and our real emotional needs in relationships
  • We want to plan the future, but forget to enjoy the present
Now, imagine a dance scene where the woman leads the steps or both partners fight for the leading role. Picture a tango where all of a sudden the partners change the rhythm and the flow of the same music. Wouldn’t it be strange to see the dancers stepping on each other’s feet when the beauty of the dance is given by two partners who know exactly what their roles are and just slide together on to the music ?

The most beautiful part of a relationship is to trust the man to lead the relationship, to learn and grow together and to enjoy the dancing steps made on the rhythm of life.

Seven Steps To A Radical Change In Your Love Life:

  • Analyse and prioritize your most important emotional and relationship needs and chose a partner that naturally responds and meets them.
  • If you are in a relationship, do not compromise your values and dreams for a man in hopes that he will change as you want him to, because HE WILL NOT.
  • Accept that you cannot control a man, a relationship or a future. You can only try to control your own life and your passions.
  • Respond with warmth and affection to your man without the urge to take the relationship to the outcome you desire.
  • Ask yourself if you WANT him or you mostly NEED him.
  • Learn to clearly communicate what your needs are. Men will never guess them.
  • A man’s role is to complement our lives not to fulfil our dreams for us

Most of the times, when we want to control other people, especially men, we lose control of our own life and emotions. This sounds so familiar to me because I was a control freak in relationships. Until I realized that I was doing this out of fear and insecurity.

My most important lesson was that fear can become your biggest enemy in relationships. Any kind of relationships, actually. I was always afraid to show how I felt, to express myself, but I was always looking for validation and acceptance from others at the same time.

When I learned to understand, love and accept who I was, I started to let go of control and I was feeling less afraid every day.

When you reach the point of not bowing down to fear, you can raise your head to anything you want in life.

You feel free and liberated to BE and DO whatever you like.

I would love to take you through the fear healing process that worked miracles in my life. I know it is possible because I am a living example.

Find out how you can do this HERE. Because I would love to see you succeed in life and love. It has become my passion.

Let your femininity shine,