Embrace Your Femininity
Attract the Relationship You Desire!

Obsesia fata de un barbatImagine you could have a passionate, fulfilled and committed relationship, without feeling worried, anxious, insecure, without pushing things in your direction and without feeling obsessed with the man you are in a relationship with. No more sleepless nights, fears, worries, uncertainties about where the relationship is going? Can you imagine that?

Most relationships start out with enthusiasm, endless conversations, magic moments in which we feel attracted, connected and close to the person we fall love with. We even wonder how is it possible to feel such a connection with somebody we have just met. And when we feel this kind of compatibility, we women, start to invest in the relationship, we offer our bodies and hearts to this man as if our entire happiness depends on him.

And then we see that the more we invest and do for the relationship, the more he withdraws and the less he does. There is less communication, less interaction with us. He spends less time with us and the intensity and intimacy within the relationship fade away. He doesn’t necessarily go out of the relationship, but we can feel that something ugly is about to happen.

This is when we start asking ourselves obsessively why has this happened, what have we done wrong, what can we do to bring him back, how can we change to please him and all sorts of fearful and guilty thoughts?

The BAD NEWS is that when we do all these things, when we put all our energy into him, when we cannot find peace and happiness without him, something dangerous is happening: we forget about ourselves. When a woman is not paying attention to her needs and feelings anymore she is signalling neediness, dependence, drama and negative vibe. And these are exactly the “messages” that a man picks up in us and they drive him even further away.

Imagine yourself covered in an invisible balloon of negative energy that men can pick up instantly, even if you fake a million dollar smile on your face.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can shift your vibe if you learn few key secrets you have to apply in a relationship with a man. How do you help the man you love to consider himself the luckiest man on earth around you, share your love and be certain that YOU are the one for him?

Let’s say you have just met a man that you like very much and you already dream yourself in a relationship with him. What do you do then? Do you put a lot of effort in demonstrating him that you are THE ONE, that you are special?

Well, You better NOT.

The most fascinating power of a woman is that she can get the admiration, passion and commitment from a men effortlessly. She can get all these by being herself and NOT DOING anything. Does it sound strange, even utopic? But yes, this is a big secret: in order to get the love and attention from a man, you do NOTHING.

It Doesn’t Matter What You Do, But Who YOU ARE!

When we meet a man that we like, most of the times, we women just DO, DO, DO whatever we can to show him what a special person we are. We work our heads off for him, do errands, plan going out, organize big surprises for him, we cook and more than that we accept plans and things that he wants, even if we do not feel comfortable with them. Just to make him happy.

Every woman has a masculine and a feminine energy. Every time we want to DO something for a man, we activate the masculine energy in us. This is called over-functioning. And it just does not work in love relationships with a man. A man does not want to interact with another man disguised in the woman he likes. This is the dynamic of relationships, even if it sounds unusual to us.

The only way to connect to a man’s heart is to always function in our feminine energy when we are around our man.

Our feminine energy is reflected in what we are and not in what we do. When you are with a man and you live in the moment, you enjoy his presence and company, you immediately switch to your feminine natural state, while he will be relaxed and happy to act in his masculine energy.

In order to do that, you have to be open to receive, be thankful and enjoy every moment spent together.

Let your femininity shine,