Embrace Your Femininity
Attract the Relationship You Desire!

shine_like_a_star_ to_win_his_loveWhat if you could attract the man and the relationship you want like a magnet, without having to work for it, or trying to impresses other people to prove yourself constantly?

Oh, I remember the days when I used to work hard  to please the wrong people instead of investing in myself. And the more I tried to please them, be nice to others in a furious attempt to prove myself worthy and lovable, the more I lost myself.

What a bitter place to be in, I can clearly see this today!

You see, I always expected other people to validate me. I was longing for them to make me feel fulfilled and complete. And I was so blind not to realize that the true satisfaction and joy in life comes from within. Like a burning fire of passion and emotions that simply contaminate life around me.

So, I started to think of myself as being a star. A shining and active star. Not one looking for the “15 minutes” of fame.


A Real Star Shines From Inside Out

What is a STAR? You probably know the human stars, those who are always in the center of attention and they shine as long as they have the lights focused on them. But how long do they last? One month, a year or several years maybe?

Let’s see what a real star is. Here is the scientific definition: a heavenly body that produces energy based on the reactions inside. It is an atomic fusion between two elements contained in the body: helium and hydrogen. When these elements react, they produce heat and light.

Every woman radiates to the outside world the fusion of her inner elements. If her root feelings are fury, jealousy, hatred, bitterness and discontent, this is what she will manifest to others.

Even if you don’t feel like a star most of the time, you can learn to cultivate the good feelings and state of mind that will help you feel and radiate light, love and warmth.

The Key Elements Of A Feminine Star:

  • You have a healthy body because you take care of it
  • You invest and develop in a personal, unique lifestyle
  • You are passionate and happy about your own life, your goals and dreams
  • You are honest and warm to people around you
  • You are not afraid to be open and vulnerable to a man
  • You allow yourself to tap into your feelings
  • You stay grounded to your values and develop clear boundaries for people around, especially men

But, you can never fake these elements to have a positive reaction inside you. No one from outside can help you either. Less likely a man. Because there is no technique to light a star from the outside. It needs to come from within.

Now, imagine YOU are an unique, shining star that radiates heat and light around her and sparks powerful reactions in the people she interacts with. These reactions can be what you desire the most in your love relationship: admiration, intimacy, communication and depth.


How You Shine From Within:

  • Take time to meet your own emotional, physical and intellectual needs before you take care of others
  • Learn to trust your decisions without seeking constant confirmation and validation from people around you, especially your man
  • Enjoy success, learn from mistakes
  • Know, embrace and forgive the past. Do not bring it constantly into the present because it will affect your future.
  • Be open and brave to offer affection without asking or waiting for something in exchange
  • Accept that you cannot control anybody, but you are the only one who should control your own life

If you wish to discover and embrace your feminine self, let it shine in your life, let it flow your entire being and thus fascinating the man you desire with your true personality, I can HELP.

If you have any questions for me, please contact me at: violetta@coachvioletta.com

I am happy to offer you a 30-minutes FREE session to discuss any relationship issues you desire and create a working plan together.

Shine on,