Embrace Your Femininity
Attract the Relationship You Desire!


Insecurity, fear, anger, frustration, discontent, helplessness!

We experience many of these feelings when it comes to our bodies. There is always something that we do not like about ourselves.

And we say to ourselves: “if I would be different physically, many things would change”:

  • If I were taller
  • If I were slimmer
  • If I had bigger breast
  • If I had thinner legs
  • If my nose was smaller
  • If ………… you can fill in the blanks

How Do You Feel About Your Body?

Our body is the home we received as a gift for our soul to live in.

Why is it so difficult to accept it sometimes? Why do we long to have somebody else’s body or features? Why is it so hard to be pleased and content with what we have?

I initially prepared a long list of tips & tricks about how to improve most of the body problems that affect women’s self-esteem in general.

But after I wrote that, I wiped everything out. Because this is not about masking, faking and pretending.

I am asking you a simple question instead: what would you like to change about your body?

What comes under your influence in order to feel good about your body? And I am not talking about plastic surgery and other types of interventions done the body.

OK, if you have a problem with your weight, then I can tell you right of the bat that going to the gym or simply exercising is the solution. To pity yourself with a big chips bag in your hands does not help. And do not tell me that this is not possible, because I know this is doable with will and persistence. I know this is possible because I lost 40 kilos after giving birth to my son.

If you feel you have body defects that are not fixable, then you can flip any potential defect into a strength. You can build an entirely unique style around a so-called defect: wear posh glasses, scarf, hats, clothes that complement your body figure.

BUT, my real challenge and encouragement to you is:

I know, I can feel it. You will tell me that it is easier said than done. It is easy to throw motivational speeches when you don’t have to live with such and such defect.

Maybe you are right. It may be difficult.

But still, if you feel hopeless and everything you have done by now was to hate your body, would you be willing to try something different and daring?

JUST to LOVE it that way it is!

When you do this, not only that you will feel much better about yourself, you will see that connection and communication doors will open up to you with other people, especially men that you want in your life. It will mesmerize men.

A woman who loves and accepts herself for who she is will be more attractive to men compared to a fashion magazine standard looking woman, but who signals fear and insecurities.

Here is one quick tool you can try daily:  Slather On The Love

Imagine a big ball of body lotion of your favorite scent. This is LOVE. The love you desire to receive. The LOVE you have for your body. Scoop up two handful of this lotion and slather it on your arms. Slather it on your face, on your body. Feel the scent and the softness. Slather! Slather on the love. Everytime you do this, you remember to love and cherish your body.

Do this everyday! Do it literally or imagine it.
When you do this, forgive yourself for something you thought you have done wrong – when, truly, you did nothing you need forgiveness for. Focus on your body while you forgive and forget the guilt, shame and helplessness.

I would not speak of something that I did not experienced myself. I was obsessed so many years with the thought of plastic surgery after I gave birth. Everyday I was looking at the marks and I could do nothing about it, but to ask Why?

I was told I could not have this surgery without risks. More WHYS followed. And then I realized I do not even need it. I looked at my body with love and acceptance and I got to love it the way it was.

What Do Men Feel When We Do Not Love Our Bodies?

Men simply dislike the fact that we refuse to believe and accept their compliments that we are beautiful, attractive and sexy and we want to prove the opposite.

I asked Alex, a 35 years old handsome man, what he dislikes most in women he dates:

“I just hate it when I tell her that she is beautiful and she calls me liar. I feel bad to tell her that I adore her body while she is hiding her body when I want to make love to her. I get tired to always have to validate a body when I am utterly in love with her being. It is so tiring. I wish women believed us when we tell them we love their bodies”

How Can You End The War With Your Body?

LOVE IT, cherish it and carry your body with pride.

YOU are more than a body. Look at your body as being a a vehicle: to your dreams and passions.

Accepting your body gives you a confidence boost in yourself and love relationships.


The most powerful gift you can give to yourself today is to commit to your own development, growth and happiness. It is also the key to discover your true calling in life.

Once you do that, everything around you changes. There is an instant shift in your vibe and in the message you send to the world. You will start to attract the right people, men and situations for yourself

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Lots of love,