Embrace Your Femininity
Attract the Relationship You Desire!


I named them commandments, but I actually intend these to be pure guidance for you in the new year.

For many of my friends and clients, also including myself, 2014 was a difficult year, full of challenges and experiences. To me, it was also a year of great satisfactions and self-discovery.

I redefined my life purpose, I learned a lot, I committed to the goals I want to achieve and I devoted a lot of time to the people I love.

My dream for 2015 is to see less women who are suffering in love relationships and many more women who dedicate time and energy to their own needs and passions. I wish to see a world where women just accept and love themselves as they are.

And I truly believe that this is a reachable goal.

Here are the 10 promises you can make to yourself starting NOW:

  1. I will never compare myself to another woman! I have all the qualities that can make me special to the man that I love. I will trust myself.
  2. I will be open to love and I will not let my past to cast a shadow on my present relationship. I will enjoy love in any shape or form. I will also offer love before waiting or claiming to receive it first.
  3. I will build solid values and boundaries and I will never give them up for anybody, especially for a man.
  4. My needs and my desires will become a priority for me. I will meet them first in order to give and share pure love with people around me.
  5. I will give more space to my partner and I will use that time and energy to accomplish my dreams and plans.
  6. I will not control the relationship or the partner. I will let things to unfold naturally and will be surprised with every step that I take in the relationships.
  7. I will love and respect my partner for what he is and I will not try to change him into something that I want.
  8. I will be open to express my feelings and emotions in a constructive way without being afraid of reactions. .
  9. I will not accept a relationship that puts me down or dissatisfies me for fear of loneliness. I will not compromise myself for the sake of a relationship.
  10. I will LOVE and accept myself in any situation!

WOW, we have a wonderful year ahead of us.

I am waiting for it with open arms.

I already feel it is going to be a fantastic year. I will use all my energy for my dreams and for the people I love.

I am committed to serve and help women around the world to discover in themselves the keys to true love.

I am committed to bring out the diamonds in you!


The most powerful gift you can give to yourself today is to commit to your own development, growth and happiness. It is also the key to discover your true calling in life.

Once you do that, everything around you changes. There is an instant shift in your vibe and in the message you send to the world. You will start to attract the right people, men and situations for yourself

My coaching program called The Language of LOVE will guide you step by step into learning the most efficient way to:

  • Express your feelings openly in a way that creates intimacy and attraction
  • Find your true meaning in life and gear your entire effort to achieve it
  • Learn the right words and actions in love relationships to have a fulfilled life

This program includes:

– A FREE coaching session to get to know you and work on a plan custom made for you

– 6 individual coaching sessions in which we are going to apply successful tools for you

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Lots of love,